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Jan 10 2013, 03:50 PM
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Jan 10 2013, 01:27 PM
And this isn't even about Daniel specifically. It's about the general idea of blaming the third party for an affair. The person who deserves blame is the spouse who cheated, IMO.

While it is true that the person to blame is the spouse that cheated, the third party isn't 100% innocent either. Example, if I decided to kill someone and you assisted me, you would also be responsible for murder because you are my accessory. So while he didn't force Chloe to cheat, Daniel didn't give a crap that he was about to hurt Lucas. So it still qualifies as a scumbag move.
I'm not sure that's a direct correlation. What makes infidelity bad is the breaking of the commitment, not the sex in and of itself. And the only commitment to be broken was the one between Chloe and Lucas. If Daniel and Lucas had been friends, I could see how Daniel would have himself hurt Lucas. But they weren't friends, at least that I ever saw.

And, as I said, this isn't just about Daniel. I felt the same way about Billie when she was going after Steve (when Steve came back with amnesia). Billie didn't owe anything to Kayla. They weren't friends or anything more than acquaintences. So, I never wanted Kayla to be mad at or hate Billie. The issue was about her and Steve.

Lastly, it may have been a "scumbag" move, but it's a pretty generic one for Salem. Many others have done the same thing and not gotten any worse treatment. Lucas still gets to hate him which is more than I can say for most.
during when daniel gone after chloe lucas saying lot complaints to him i not saying daniel and lucas were bff but when daniel told stuff lucas stuff lucas listen[i did not get why]daniel convice lucas its was good idea to elope with chloe
lucas was nice to daniel and yet daniel bad things about him behind his back
i think lucas saw daniel bit as hero that saved his mother life
I think both Chloe and Dan thought if she married Lucas, they could fight the attraction. She did respect her vows, but Dan was still in her heart. I was shocked that Chloe was upset the annulment went though so fast. Maybe deep down, she did want her marriage to Lucas to work if only dan had backed off. Who knows. Poor girl, two failed marriages in a yearr.
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