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Jan 9 2013, 06:37 PM
I know the surrogate storyline hasn't been a favorite by most, but I'm kind of liking this latest twist with Maxie losing the baby, unable to tell Lulu and Dante, and then obviously becoming pregnant with Spinelli's baby. It made everything much more interesting. And not your average soap opera surrogate storyline.

Poor Anna. She finally has the real Duke Lavery back in her life, but Faison's deception continues to haunt her.
I agree.

And same with Anna. Finola was great. I do kinda like that maybe she'll have to fall in love with him 'all over again' that could be good.

Onto today's show ...

AJ and Alexis were fun, even if Alexis is a judgemental menopausal shrew and a Sonny defender. But she has a right to not at all like him. Love AJ defending Monica.

MAC AND LUCY!! Loved them.

I kinda WANT to like Lindsey Morgan. She isn't doing TERRIBLE. I think she can grow but it's clear they have no idea what to do with Kristina.

I like Liz as a supporting character. I think she was due for a "break" and this has been a good way to slowly redeem her. Even if she is a sounding board for Sabrina. I do like their friendship and Liz's hatred of Britt.

Britt gives a good sell. The actress is improving but she's still just a pointless plot device. Sigh. They couldn't have at least brought Sarah Webber on for this?

I love Tracy going into the Floating Rib. LOL.
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