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First this isn't really Chad's business. If Nick/Gabi/Will want to keep this baby secret between them it's their choice. The only reason he is doing this because he's still piss about what happen to Melanie. He's not doing this because it's the right thing it's purely out of spite he speaks up. As for Abi being upset I can understand why. Base on yesterday & today he told her he wish Gabi well, he doesn't want to be angry anymore etc. So Abigail believes he was being "sincere" so now he goes and does this at their wedding? Of course she will be upset and angry at him. He obviously was lying and didn't mean anything he said.

Chad has no one but himself to blame when this blows up in his face. He shouldn't have stuck his nose in where it doesn't belong. If he mind his own business none of this would be happening. Anyway I'm looking forward to this. Sounds exciting and finally something dramatic happening on the show.
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