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And I often say if you can't get the real thing, don't even bother with the substitute. Space out and treasure the indulgences.

Pretending that EJ is actually channeling or inhabiting another character doesn't help. If he can't be EJ what is the point of him? That's really how I feel - I was flabbergasted by the character today. I am wondering if EJ is laying the groundwork for some great manipulation. Or bluffing. Like Hamlet feigning madness to better execute his vengeance. Only that didn't really work all that well for the Prince, so I can't imagine I will be happy with the future of whatever this EJ incarnation is. And that Sami is just lapping it up is the ultimate disturbance. Is she even attracted to these qualities in EJ? As much as I dislike Ejami, at least I could acknowledge it was a complex connection, dark, interesting, controversial, aggressive, unapologetic. But this is just saccharine to me. Eh, no matter.

It was so frustrating to watch Sami at the end. Those little girl eyes. For as mature as her scene with Will may have been, she regressed by show's end. GROW UP WOMAN!!

I am a bit conflicted over the situation with Kate. On the one hand, I understand her point, that she has been a grandmother to Parker thus far and, given that the little boy is losing some constants in his life, why not prevent his losing any more people he is close to? But, then again, the person in question is Kate, so I can't blame Chloe either. The second Kate starts in with that familiar "I did all those wretched things for the good of Paker" talk, where she crowns herself the arbiter of all that is right and wrong, end justifying the means - I'd had enough. In time, Kate will only interfere "for the good of Parker," and I dread to think what that might look like. And I really did love Chloe not backing down and throwing back whatever Kate dished.
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