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I'm bummed they dropped Anna/Duke!! Their real reunion deserves attention!! Luke was touching in his phone call w/ Anna. More vets please! These actors are amazing!!!

Not interested in current storylines. No interest in newbies like Trey, Brit, Sabrina or Connie (or new Kristina). These characters are all FFWD material. Sabrina may be ok as a supporting character, but she has too much airtime. None of these newbies have any subtlety or depth. They are caricatures, not characters.

Why can't Patrick have a decent story line? Why is Liz playing support for Sabrina? I would rather have seen Pattick and Liz begin to develop genuine feelings for one another before Robin came back. Their history of friendship would have made a blossoming romance make sense. There wouldn't be any villains. It could be a genuinely angsty, human story.

Not a fan of the obvious set up of Maxie getting secretly impregnated by Spinnelli. RC loves his slapstick and campy drama. But I love when GH can balance that camp with more genuine & nuanced stories. The kind of stories that Patrick and Liz could rock. As well as Duke & Anna. Duke & Anna have been stellar in grounding RC's camp, but now the audience deserves a real payoff - real, genuine, human after effects that we can watch slowly. That's one of the best things about the soap genre - luxury of time to watch characters breathe and do simple things. Mix that up with camp and you have a winning formula. Show is out of balance now, IMHO.

I will just read spoilers to find out when to tune back in. I wonder if RC is purposefully airing certain characters/stories in rotation to see how ratings are affected?
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