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Jan 10 2013, 04:19 PM
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Jan 10 2013, 03:52 PM
i kinda wish Daniel and chloe would reunite.
They do have chemistry
and upside is that Daniel would finally leave. I just find Daniel and Chloe way more tolerable than Daniel and jennifer.
I would love to know why NB didn't renew her contract. She was upset when she was fired and all the actors talk about what a great atmosphere it is on the Days set and we haven't heard of her getting a better gig. If she had stayed on I think Danloe may have happened again at some point - . I don't believe she refused because her character was being trashed. Actors see it differently from the audience - for them it would be an opportunity to explore and extend their character further. I wonder if we will ever know.
Well on one hand a paycheck is a paycheck, but honestly the way Tomlin treated her on her last stint/exit I think she's more like I'll go for awhile but not give them a chance to truly screw me over, what's the saying "Always make them begging for more".
I've heard Tomlin did not like BD or Matt Ashford, what problems did he have with Nadia? Did she want more screentime or better scripts?
I don't think Tomlin necessarily dislikes Nadia or Chloe. After all, he supposedly is close with CC, but that didn't stop him from approving scripts that had Carly literally dumpster-diving in back alleys, almost getting molested by a homeless guy, and self-destructing to the brink of suicide -- all because of her unrequited love for Daniel.

My view is that Tomlin has presided over the destruction of most of the female characters on this show (and quite a few males), but ESPECIALLY those female characters who have been paired with Daniel. All of those he's slept with have become uncharacteristically obsessed, suicidal, and generally whacked out bimbos as a result. It's uncanny, really.

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