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well, here i go again! when you have major soap characters like ej/sammi/nichole just going around in circles no direction to story it does show the viewers that they just can't write for these wonderful actors. it is so sad to watch the writers fill the air time with this type of writing. thet give dr dan a manwhore, is the best word i can choose without offending members of this site, is getting so much airtime it just sickens me. dan should be back burnered as well as jennifer. they deserve each other send them on a world cruise, but just get rid of them. hope a piller of the show reduced to so little to do. get rid of gabi/nick there story isn't interesting at all. at least kill her off when she run out of the wedding or send it to jail just get rid of her. bring back some good actors get rid of some of the unpopular actors.
keep marlena we need her. john should stay. i don't care much for stefano he is painful to watch because of the terrible writing and story hes been given..i can go on but i won't i hope the members understand what i am trying to say.
oh theres is something else that i have to say before i post

>>>>>>>>>>>>.FIRE THE WRITERS<<<<<<<<<<<<<

thanks for reading my post.
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