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Heartbroken over Todd, Carly finds herself at the Floating Rib getting wasted and downing her sorrows to none other than AJ Quartermaine! Laura Wright thinks they are very interesting scenes. Some of their scenes are at Todd’s hotel room where A. J. takes her to sleep off the booze. “He’s not like her BFF” cautions Wright, but he takes care of her when she’s freaking out. She and AJ argue and she ends up bawling in his arms. The next morning Felix arrives to talk Nurse Ball; he needs her to donate space at the Metro Court. While there, Felix offers a hangover cure and gives her a pep talk. She then heads to Todd’s arraignment looking fabulous. LW says it’s not about Carly trying to show Todd what he’s missing. It’s more for her. LW explains the relationship with Todd, in her opinion, and RH’s as well, is a big deal. They met with the writers before Christmas and discussed how Todd and Blair are wonderful and Sonny and Carly have their history, but there is something about Carly/Todd that is a whole new world. For the two characters what’s happened between them is emotional and realizing that they have fallen in love with someone and they thought it would be forever and now it’s messed up and very difficult. As angry as Carly is with Todd, she doesn’t want him in jail. In her heart, she wants Todd to try and win her back and tell her that she’s the most important thing in his world and do whatever it takes to fix it. LW says once the scenes airs fans will go nuts!!

For more details pick up the January 21st issue of Soap Opera Digest.
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