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This episode was mostly snoozewothy but I watched it.

Kate and Victor need to share more screentime, god dammit. No one "gets" Kate the way that Victor does. No one. And Maggie sucks. Kate & Vic need to either be reunited or at least WORK together again. Maybe Kate can bake Maggie something.

Chloe snark WOULD HAVE been perfect if it was delivered by a better actress. The fact that NB always looks like she's staring off into space when she talks is extremely distracting. But it was enjoyable. Watching Chloe nip at Kate like that is mildly amusing in the same way that Pod-Jen going after Nicole was. Only problem is I'm SUPPOSED to be rooting for Chloe but instead I'm rooting for Kate. even though she is clearly in the wrong. lol

Mama Hernandez sounds like a vajayjay.

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