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Exactly. Will could still be in a big legal mess even if EJ doesn't want to press charges. Heck, in the twisted world of soap opera, I could see EJ appointing himself as Will's lawyer (to impress Sami, of course) to defeat attempted murder charges. I would actually find that kind of hilarious.
While it is up to the DA, options are severely restricted, especially since the statue of limitations might have passed. So, there's that. There's also the fact that Will was a minor, so he'd have to be tried as a minor. That means, he'd have to be sentenced as a minor, and since EJ lived that would only be a couple of years at max, but if EJ is uncooperative - or even stands up for Will - parole is probably the most reasonable thing a prosecutor could expect. Will's lawyer could negotiate a parole deal, which EJ could endorse, in about an hour. I actually want that to happen, so this won't hang over Will's head.

But if EJ lies to the DA and says it is Lucas, I can't see any DA taking it forward. Nick's leverage is very flimsy. Also, Lucas could sue for wrongful imprisonment (even though he confessed, he still could) and the DA wouldn't want that either.

Gabi is in a lot more legal trouble.
How? Andrew is dead, Melanie has already said she does not want to testify against Gabi and there's no physical evidence connecting Gabi to anything (unless I'm mistaken and if I am please explain.) Chad's statement is hearsay and can't be offered to prove anything. Chad, IMO is in more trouble than anyone. There's eyewitness testimony and physical evidence to back up what he did to Nick.
Rafe knows all about what Gabi did, if he's asked by the DA, he could lose his career if he lies. Of course, Rafe has done that kind of thing before. Also, I'm pretty sure there's a social media footprint via both the internet and text messages that would lead prosecutors to find a connection between Gabi and Andrew. Also, if asked by prosecutors, I doubt Melanie would obstruct justice to protect Gabi - even though she chose not to come forward earlier. And even if they can't get her on accessory to kidnapping, which she's definitely guilty of, they can certainly get Gabi on obstruction of justice.

Will could probably be gotten on obstruction as well, but again he was a minor at the time. It's probably Lucas who would get in trouble for perjury or obstruction, but he was a father protecting his son and a jury/prosecutors might see him differently. Gabi looking to save her own skin because her little stalking scheme literally exploded in her face isn't going to be seen a noble.

It's also one of those cases that I'm sure the public would clamor for her head on a platter given the widespread destruction her actions caused, even though she's only tangentially responsible for most of Andrew's actions. All except Jennifer, of course, because the daysaster freed her up to date Orange Glow, for which she's obviously grateful.
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