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Jan 11 2013, 08:55 AM
Jan 11 2013, 04:09 AM
If people are going to go after Nick and or Gabi I see no problem with Nick using what he knows to protect themselves. I rather see them be proactive than reactive to the situation. It would be more interesting to watch them fight than do nothing and just coward in fear.
I don't think anyone will be going after Nick and Gabi. I just see Will wanting to be part of his child's life now that everything will be out in the open. That isn't going against anyone, that is fighting for what you believe in. IF anyone will be the one targeted for changing his mind, it will probably be Will and Nick will be the one that goes up against him trying to fight for Gabi and her child. When in reality, he should take himself out of the equation, be a step dad to the child and have Will and Gabi coparent while Nick and Gabi are together as a couple and Wilson are together as a couple. Of course if that happens then there will be no story and no soap...so expect the long custody wars to start as soon as this child comes into the world.
Pretty much all of this. I just don't like the idea of Nick trying to put Will in prison or blackmailing him with the possibility of it so that he can have Will's kid. If he goes this route, I want it to blow up in his face. Nick's been too aggressive and abrasive in pursuing this stitched together little family of his and it is extremely off-putting. He is barely civil with anyone. To Nick, Gabi and the baby are already his possessions. Nick's initial protectiveness of Gabi against Chad was endearing but it's taken on an increasingly ugly edge. I hope Nick is eventually redeemed when they wind up this storyline. The visceral reactions I have to him right now are a testament to Blake's effectiveness with the role.
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