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Honestly this wedding sounds more of a Safe angst I definitely think Sami and Rafe are not over since Gary Tomlin loves Safe and is on Team GG and AS, I can see Safe getting back together by November and having some wonderful moment by Summer their love and feelings come to back, I can see Sami daydreaming about Rafe I wouldn't be surprised if she calls out Rafe's name while in Bed with EJ. Now I can totally see Sami going to EJ because of her fight with Rafe cause now her and Rafe doesn't look like they are getting back together. I can see Rafe actually trying to move on with his life and it's Sami who won't be able to move on from Rafe, technically it was Sami's fault that she is the one who ruined her marriage by sleeping with her kidnapper, rapist beast. Sami is disgusting truly disgusting. I still say there is a SAFE baby coming up down the road. Or maybe even a new woman for Rafe I am not even a SAFE now I hate Both SAFE and EJAMI.
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