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Jan 10 2013, 07:04 PM
I get the feeling they have a special kind of hate for the character of John, among others.
See, I think they have a special hate for the character of Marlena. First they try to say that she's crazy and in need of a shrink --- then they try to say that she's an insecure liar ---- neither of which are historically accurate or in Marlena's nature. Marlena has been a major heroine since 1976. Yet, every SOD article since these new writers have taken over have been negatively slanted towards her. Marlena is crazy! A liar! A bitch! Keeping secrets! Losing her mind! It's attempted character assassination for a highly popular veteran actress. Sorry, writers. Not working. We *know* Marlena. You can't just change her personality willy-nilly and expect the audience to go with the flow.

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