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What I find amazing is DAYS were all new shows no reruns and GH rerun on Mon and no show on Tues Y&R rerun on Tues. and they still canít compete with the other shows DAYS will always be in 4th place. KC keeps spouting off about DAYS is about love and family excuse me when is this version on? they have no rooting couples or characters, you have father & son fighting over a women, and breaking up a marriage for awhile, 2 men fighting over the same women, a man so hell bent on revenge that he will ruin a pregnant girls wedding, you have an ex wife coming back to town to claim the father of her child which everyone else thought belonged to a other man. Until TIIC change their attitudes about the show and give the viewers what THEY want DAYS we never move forward! They keep beating the same dead horse and itís not entertaining anymore. There are just so many times a person can watch a rerun!
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