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Jan 11 2013, 09:17 AM
I agree with those that said that Ej was written way too over the top sappy yesterday and with a hint of desperation in expressing his love for Sami. Sami on the other hand sort of looked like she was taken back by his declaration, why is that? This isn't the first time since they have gotten closer than he's told her flat out that he loves her, while she just continues to smile and not say shit back. So why is she taken back by his latest statement? Then she seemed to really want to tell him about her reunification with Rafe, but was interrupted twice by Johnny. I got the feeling that she was about to break out the 'we are better off as friends' statement and let him down easily. I also feel that they are doing some pretty heavy handed Rafe 'moves in quick' writing here. I've never seen Rafe be so strong coming onto Sami. It's like he's treating her as this 'prize' to take from Ej and it just feels like there is an emphasis in him wanting her to 'tell Ej' over just being together and living happily. I am not sure what we are suppose to take from that but since I have no horse in this race, I see Rafe pressuring her to tell Ej so they can be together while Ej is written desperately wanting to conquer her before Rafe makes his move. I'm not sure if TomSell realize that they are really writing Lucas as the best option at this point......only guy that isn't in this 'fight' but the only one that actually looks really good now.

I don't know I just get the feeling that Days is spinning it's wheels with this story. They don't know what they want to do, but from the writing of late, I do get the feeling that they are making an effort to show that if it wasn't for what will happen come next week at the wedding that Sami would be with Rafe and let Ej go. Now obviously that apparently hits a snag and she has a fight with Rafe. The problem is that fight isn't about Safe, or their trust issues, unless Rafe believes that Sami knew about Will keeping the secret and didn't say anything, but that doesn't appear to be the case. The issue is how Sami behaved toward Gabi, which Rafe takes offense to. He's the one that somehow speaks to Eric and states that apparently him and Sami can't be together.....nothing is stating that Sami feels that way too now.
I was trying to figure out where they are going with this as well, as writing tropes always intrigue me. Obviously they want to show both men as really wanting Sami and Sami as somewhat torn, but it's kind of counter-intuitive in how they are doing it. Everett is the one with the more romantic gestures - the NYE dinner, the declarations of love, and the "if it's important to her, it's important to me" statements. On the other hand, Rafe is more physically aggressive with the take-her-by-suprise kisses, and just more aggressive in general with his statements that he knows she feels it too so when is she going to tell Everett. Sami is all breathless over Rafe and all weepy and emotional over Everett. It's weird and opposite of how they usually write her dynamic with both men. Who knows if that means anything, I am just finding it to be an odd choice.

Anyway, what I'm getting is that Sami has genuine feelings for both men, but that Rafe has about a 60 to 40 advantage. And that advantage is what's moving Sami to pick him just in time for the wedding reveal. What I'm not sure of is what the current triangle dynamics are going to mean for what happens after the reveal. That is, does Sami run to Everett because she has real feelings for him and, over time, his 40 percent odds genuinely improve so that we see he's become the man she wants? Or does Sami end up just hooking up with Everett because she likes him enough and she's mad at Rafe, but we still see that her heart is really with Rafe? My usual GT-loves-Rafe assumption would be that they are going with the latter. But the way they are writing Everett right now makes me wonder if we are actually going to get the former. I guess on the positive side, they are writing the triangle with enough ambiguity that the answer isn't obvious what will happen post-reveal, which I assume is what they wanted to accomplish.
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