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If they are truly going to go with Sami turning to Everett and his 40% moving to 50%+1, then I hope the big fight at the wedding reveal is about more than just Will vs. Gabi. Because if it's just about Sami supporting Will (and being mad at Gabi) and Rafe supporting Gabi over Sami (and Will), then it's no different than when Sami and Everett got together last time with the fishing hat and whatnot. It was pretty clear then that while she had some "feelings" for Everett, she really wanted to be with Rafe, but thought they were over because of whatever contrived reason was going on then.

So, to make this stick in any meaningful way, this fight needs to be deeper and needs to be about Sami and Rafe and what they can't get past. Whether it's his inability to truly forgive, forget, or trust or her realizing that she doesn't want to be the person she has to be with him, or whatever, it's needs to be about them. If that's the case, then I might buy that they are truly over (at least for the time being) and I might buy her actually wanting to be with Everett, not just seeing him as the convenient choice.

Not that I really care one way or another anymore, but it's there one chance to prove that this is actually something different.
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