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Plus there is no way they're going to have Sami fighting for a man. The two idiots are going to continue sniffing her ass. Even if this chick is brought on for Rafe as an initial way to make Sami jealous, that story will be dropped the minute Sami feeds into that. Lucas is the only one who will never be a potential love interest for Sami again. Therefore he deserves a love interest. Afterall he's not "good enough" for Sami when we have the likes of Rafe and EJ right? Let him have his own woman.
Didn't Galen talk about them possibly bringing on someone new for him this year? In his SID interview last week?
He talked about what kind of woman Rafe needed.

If the new girl was for Rafe she wouldnt last long Sami would freak out and run her off someway. Sami would find a way get between them like she did Lucas and Autumn. Lucas thought he was in like flin and leaves Autumn, look how long LUMIs little sexcapade lasted before Sami was on the lame with Ej, LMAO

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