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I swear to god though, if there are NO scenes or even brief conversations with Lucas and Sami in the wake of the reveal - nothing monumental, just something, anything - I will be very irate. I can't think of a more egregious effort to just pretend like Lucas and Sami were never anything to each other, than to completely keep them as separate entities in this storyline.

Tomlin will never allow Lumi to share scenes in the wake of this reveal because he wants so badly to make us forget Lumi ever happened. Even a strictly parental scene where they both realize their gay son knocked up his ex-girlfriend would be too much so I'm not counting on it.
Just like we should forget Jennifer was ever with Jack, we're expected to forget how close Lumi are. This will be much more about Safe. I know Safe has its fans, and I'm sure the stuff today and the coming angst will be good for them. I thought AS and GG were selling it as hard as they could and doing a pretty good job but Sami is written so flighty these days I wish all her guys would find someone else.

But what I really want is a scene where Lucas encourages Will to be a father to his child. That would make all kinds of sense and Bryan would rock those scenes.
The hilarious part is Lumi do not even have to be nice to each other. They can yell, be sarcastic, tell each other they're scum who cares. They did that for years while Sami was in love someone else. But we can't even get a 5 minute "you suck" scene between them, lol.
I tell you ditch one 5 minute segment of Dannifer getting confused about where they are supposed to be and insert 5 min Lucas telling Sami why she sucks this week.
Its a win win for everyone.
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