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camera shy

Jan 11 2013, 05:42 PM
Jan 11 2013, 04:23 PM
camera shy
Jan 11 2013, 04:15 PM
I still think she'll be for Rafe. Maybe they finally figure out the triangle from hell isn't bringing in the ratings and want to go back to Sami scheming to be with the man she loves.
She can still do that without Rafe having a love interest though....

In reality, I just wish it's for someone who hasn't been featured so much the last few years.....Lucas fits that bill and frankly I don't want Sami anywhere near a Lucas story of any kind. She can bounce between the two men she has now and continue to do that until Days goes off the air, lol.
I think it's hilarious that EJ & Rafe fans are too eager for this chick to be for their guy. As if Sami's not enough for them? lol. Anyway I think it's simple. EJ & Rafe are seen as leading men. Sami is seen as a leading lady. Therefore the triangle from hell will continue. Tomlin will never have either EJ or Rafe stop loving or wanting Sami wth every fiber of their being. Lucas on the other hand walked away with his head held high and his dignity intact. Plus it helps that he's not a leading man so he has a better chance at a brand new romance with a brand new, insignificant young woman. She's never going to rival Sami in the leading lady department so at least the supporting characters can have some fun. Lucas apparently isn't "good enough" for the likes of Sami and that's fine. Let the two leading men continue to salivate. That's what they deserve for continuing to kiss her fickle ass. Lucas is the only one with a brain therefore he deserves a woman with a brain, lol.
Well we don't know yet how big her status on the show is going to become. Remember Melanie? Who would have thought when she first showed up how much the writers would fall in love with this girl and keep her on the front burner almost during her entire tenure. And if the ratings keep falling they going to have to re-adjust things and get rid of things that just aren't working. Afterall, someone did make the decision a couple of years ago to take EJ completely out of Sami's orbit and bring in a new love interest for him in the form of Taylor and it could happen again with this new character.
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