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Jan 11 2013, 06:36 PM
Jan 11 2013, 02:53 PM
Jan 11 2013, 10:20 AM
Honestly this wedding sounds more of a Safe angst I definitely think Sami and Rafe are not over since Gary Tomlin loves Safe and is on Team GG and AS, I can see Safe getting back together by November and having some wonderful moment by Summer their love and feelings come to back, I can see Sami daydreaming about Rafe I wouldn't be surprised if she calls out Rafe's name while in Bed with EJ. Now I can totally see Sami going to EJ because of her fight with Rafe cause now her and Rafe doesn't look like they are getting back together. I can see Rafe actually trying to move on with his life and it's Sami who won't be able to move on from Rafe, technically it was Sami's fault that she is the one who ruined her marriage by sleeping with her kidnapper, rapist beast. Sami is disgusting truly disgusting. I still say there is a SAFE baby coming up down the road. Or maybe even a new woman for Rafe I am not even a SAFE now I hate Both SAFE and EJAMI.
Funny how Rafe did the very same thing to E.J. that Gabi is doing to Will. Playing god and lying about the paternity of a baby because they don't approve of the real father. I'm surprised E.J. hasn't had him whacked for that one.

I cant figure out for the life of me why these women have sex with these men and when they do get pregnant they dont want to tell the daddy! If the were so embarrassed of them whey did they screw them in the first place.

How stupid.
I kind of despise Chad.He is following Gabi and eavesdropping on a confidential conversation between a doctor and patient then he lies to Abby about his feelling about the Gabi situation after having previously been dishonest with Abby when he began "having feelings" for Melanie.Chad made the decision to beat up Nick,who had gone to prison and actually paid for his crimes unlike many others in Salem then he chose to be dishonest with Melanie which is part of the reason she broke the engagement and left town.Chad did not pay for assaulting Nick and he is already trying to move on with Abby so why is he still trying to punish Gabi.
Gabi made mistakes in not reporting Andrew when she found out about Melanie but Gabi is only nineteen or twenty and she panicked when Andrew recorded their conversation and said he would expose her and she did try to help Melanie escape Andrew.Judgement is not the best at that age.Gabi was sorry for what she did and attempted to turn herself in to the police to pay for what she did which is also more than can be said about quite a few in Salem who were a lot older than Gabi when they intentionally committed their crimes(Stefano,Kate,Victor,Kristen,Sami,EJ).If Chad had reported what Gabi did as soon as he heard what Andrew said to Gabi and/or not beaten up Nick,Gabi would likely have been arrested.Gabi tried to make friends with Sonny even though he speaks to her with contempt.She tried to make amends with Chad by telling Abby to invite him to the wedding because she knew this would make Abby happy.Gabi loves Nick and only sees the best in him.Gabi also loves Will as a friend and wants the best for him which she believes is allowing Will to be in his baby's life while having a relationship with Sonny.Gabi did not do what Sami or Nicole did she told Will he was the baby's father as soon as she found out.I like Gabi and I like the fact that she will have Nick and Rafe standing up for her whatever comes next.I like the fact that Nick is not the dorky kid he was before,Prison is a harsh place and has had an effect on him which shows in how he dealt with Kate and will deal with anyone who comes after Gabi and the baby.I am looking forward to what comes next.
BTW the fact Will cannot be prosecuted for his crime does not mean that the behavior cannot be litigated in a custody hearing.Also in most,if not all,jurisdictions,the prosecutor can petition to have a minor tried as an adult.
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