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Jan 11 2013, 11:16 PM
Wow many fans are taking the end of Lumi more seriously than I ever dreamed, I agree LUMI should be in more scenes, and they their romance got a rotten deal, but that's the soap world I guess. Good things come to an end. Maybe somehere down the line they will hook up again. I agree, they are vital to the WABI baby story.
LOL - how am I supposed to take it? I LOVED THEM, in all incarnations. They were meaningful and special, have history and developed over several years, good and bad, ups and downs. But it's not like I am saying I wanted the Wabi reveal to springboard a Lumi romance (I mean, if I had my druthers, sure, but let's not get hysterical here). I am just saying, that if there are no Lucas and Sami interactions after the paternity of the baby is revealed...nothing romantic, just common-sense scenes where Will's mom and dad share feelings about what's happened, esp. given that, like, the fist third of their run together on the show dealt directly with paternity lies, missed years with a child, and custody battles....I mean, how much more blatant an attempt to erase anything Lumi - even the most logical and realistic manifestation thereof - could there be? That is what is frustrating. Show me Lucas and Sami as friends, as enemies, whatever! At the very least they are co-parents, and this reveal is just the sort of thing parents might want to, you know, handle together. But Sami will run off to EJ, EJ will be Will's champion, and that's that. It's rather heartbreaking, still. Here is the perfect opportunity to tie some Days history to a current situation, where we had two kids who made a mistake and struggled to come out of that situation maturely and responsibly, with as much of a united and loving family as possible, now see their child making a similar potential mistake. The narrative well here is teeming over with rich story possibilities, and I am sure Days won't even try to tap it. And that disappoints me.

I was surprised that Lucas was even at the wedding and was given a line. And OMG an Allie sighting - amazing!! She was so adorable. Gabi's dress was TOTALLY a Kate Middleton knockoff (it seems a little long after that wedding for this to be a thing), but I thought she was stunning. And Chad's douchiness at the end was totally on-point - I hope this scheme of his does blow up in his face somewhat.

I can't believe I am saying this, but I am REALLY looking forward to next week (well, other than the established reservations I have). Let the messiness begin!!
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