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^I don't see it that way. Sami seems to be enjoying whatever Rafe is throwing her way, dressing-down kiss wise. And it seems like a role reversal anyway, with EJ pussified and all tender and spouting Hugh Grant-isms, and Rafe being more aggressive, at least now. So I don't too much stock into it. I certainly don't take EJ's recent behavior seriously at all, and it's telling that he needs to be written so out of character for Sami to have a response to him (at least I think it's out of character, or hyperbolic to a ridiculous degree). And even if EJ doesn't judge Sami and accepts her for who she is (gag), I don't think she accepts him for who he is. And that's a problem.

ETA - every time you post, I find myself transfixed by your avi. And I don't even like EJ - I borderline hate him. But that is some salacious, compelling stuff right there in whatever it is you've captured - 30 seconds? yowza
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