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Jan 12 2013, 08:52 AM
^I don't see it that way. Sami seems to be enjoying whatever Rafe is throwing her way, dressing-down kiss wise. And it seems like a role reversal anyway, with EJ pussified and all tender and spouting Hugh Grant-isms, and Rafe being more aggressive, at least now. So I don't too much stock into it. I certainly don't take EJ's recent behavior seriously at all, and it's telling that he needs to be written so out of character for Sami to have a response to him (at least I think it's out of character, or hyperbolic to a ridiculous degree). And even if EJ doesn't judge Sami and accepts her for who she is (gag), I don't think she accepts him for who he is. And that's a big problem. In any event she is still choosing to be with Rafe until the Wabi stuff happens and she goes running to EJ for some reason.

ETA - every time you post, I find myself transfixed by your avi. And I don't even like EJ - I borderline hate him. But that is some salacious, compelling stuff right there in whatever it is you've captured - 30 seconds? yowza
I think Rafe is acting aggressive because as he said to Sami he is sick of playing games and his feelings are sorted out. The kiss on NYE told him Sami wants him and he has come on strong since then feeling confident in their love for one another. Obviously this is what Sami needed to see from him because she quickly made her decision to rekindle her romance with Rafe and let Ej know it's over for them. Her talk with Hope showed her desire to have a lasting love like Bope and she sees Rafe as the man for her in that way. I also think that's why Sami is quick to kiss and grab a hold of Rafe affectionately.

I think Rafe knows by now Sami's true personality and he has to accept that to keep going back to her. He even said in HTS that despite knowing her history and how she is, he is putty in her hands. I think wanting to be a better person comes from Sami herself when she is with Rafe more than him demanding changes in her.

Ej's love has shown to be unstable. He may profess devotion but his past actions prove that his type of love can turn into something horrible rather quickly. I'm not sure Sami could ever entirely trust it enough to give her heart completely. Ej has been shown to accept and enjoy Samantha when she falls in line with his agenda but when she makes choices he's not happy with manipulating her has been his first course of action.

I wouldn't want to see Sami chasing Ej and proving her love of him when frankly I've not had the impression what he feels for her is truly love. Kate was right recently labeling it obsession. That's what I've always seen from Ej.
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