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Jan 10 2013, 09:10 PM
I'm feeling quite optimistic that Nancy will give Dan a hard time. In Darbo's first interview she said "Craig sends his regards to Dan". I'm wondering if those "regards" are actually a dressing down for the way Dan treated Chloe. I honestly cannot believe that Nancy and Craig would be happy with the way things ended between Dan and Chloe. Also a custody battle can only ensue if dan instigates it. Kate might be the driving force but she has no legal standing so it makes sense that Nancy will be gunning for Dan. Bring it on!
I am soooo hoping that Nancy can be the "voice"for us who can not stand the character of Daniel.He needs to be brought down to the size he is .....extra small.....for all the sleazy things he has done to/with his female patients.I still can't forget him "doing"a very pregnant Nicole on his hospital desk and thinking nothing of it.His morals are in the gutter and it is a damn shame that TPTB want us to think he is a saint.So now he gets the reward for his "goodness"and gets to raise Parker?I hope Nancy fights tooth and nail to keep Dan (and Jennifer)away from Parker. :frustration:
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