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1/14, Chad reveals Nick is not the father of Gabi's baby, news that brings the wedding to a halt; Rafe accuses Chad of lying; Will comes forward as the baby's father; Sami rips into Gabi, but Rafe warns Sami to leave his sister alone.

1/15, Sami and Rafe argue over the situation between her son and his sister; Nick discovers incriminating information about Will; Marlena offers her support to Will; Sonny and Will try to save their relationship; Chad tries to apologize to Abigail.

1/16, Marlena confides in Hope about her marriage and then pays a visit to Kristen; Chloe is surprised that Brady is involved with Kristen; Chloe sees Jennifer and Daniel kissing; Daniel suggests Chloe grant Kate limited access to Parker; Kate tracks down Jennifer.

1/17, Marlena tries to get Kristen to incriminate herself; John finds the tape of the recorded conversation and hears a revelation about Brady and Kristen; Brady finds a ripped-up note to Marlena from Kristen; Chloe and Nicole clash over Daniel; Kate continues her campaign against Chloe.

1/18, Jennifer decides not to tell Daniel about Chloe's past; Chloe schemes against Jennifer with Anne's help; Brady questions Kristen about the torn-up note; Marlena explains to John why she didn't tell him about Brady and Kristen's relationship; Sami and Will discuss what role he plans to play in his child's life.
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