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Jan 12 2013, 12:53 PM
Jan 12 2013, 12:33 PM
It sounds like the people in Salem on Will's side: Sami, EJ, all of the Hortons, etc... FAR outnumber than anyone on Nick and Gabi's side. Who do we have? Rafe and...?

And as far as dirty laundry/past crimes being aired. Once again, Will has far less red on his ledger than Nick and Gabi do.
But I must say, as much as I think Gabi behaved atrociously to Melanie and should be made responsible, I am having a difficult time picturing Will getting too angry at her. He's consistently been written as having a tremendous amount of non sexual love and affection for her and respects her as the mother of his child. He might be shocked to learn of her actions, but he's made some huge mistakes and so have most of the people he loves, especially his own parents and some of his grandparents. I can see things getting out of hand, but if Will and Gabi sat down and talked it out with a family counselor, I'm sure they could come to an agreement.

I do want Will to come publicly clean over shooting EJ, as well.

And while Chad is wrong to blame Gabi for losing Melanie (that's on him), he sure as hell has a right to be pissed at Gabi. Sonny does too, as Melanie was portrayed as a good friend of his in at least a few scenes.
I agree. If it was just Will and Gabi talking, they could probably work it out. But Will is worried about Sonny and Gabi has control freak Nick whispering in her ear. He won't allow her to have any kind of independent thought.

I hope his psycho behavior ramps up to the point it gets so bad he violates his probation and gets thrown back in jail.
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