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Jan 12 2013, 02:13 PM
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Jan 12 2013, 10:30 AM
finished watching the eppi; the pres definitely cut out the best part, aka the ending; good cliffhanger.

And if Sami does have a WTD storyline coming up, i'm hoping the baby's Rafe's (EJ has enough kids) but Kristen changes the test results. Or (if they want to redo the Parker paternity fiasco) Kristen, then Caroline/Sami (or heck, Hope's been pushing for Safe, let's go Hope), then EJ.
No,.. absolutely not.

Rafe can never have a child with Sami. I do not want to have situation where Sami's children have 3 different fathers. 2 is enough!
I don't think that's a big deal; I mean, Stefano has Chad, EJ, Lexie, Renee, Megan, and Benji, all with different mothers. Besides, wouldn't it be good payback for EJ to keep Rafe's kid from him this time?

Although I WOULD prefer someone ELSE to have a child every once in a while in Salem....besides for this Wabi baby, the only people in Salem who seem to be allowed to reproduce are Sami and EJ.

(and it just occurred to me, I probably jinxed us into a Dannifer baby...crap).
Lucas has just as many children with Sami as EJ does.
lucas has kids with sami you'd never know that with these writers lol
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