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Jan 12 2013, 06:12 PM
Jan 12 2013, 05:45 PM
Lucas is a one woman man, so it would take him longer to move on because he's totally devoted to whoever he's in a relationship with. I love that about him. :wub2:
Which puzzles me why it took him so fast to move on from Autumn, lol. Then again he admitted he never stopped loving Sami which negated Chloe and Autumn. Sami not only has 2 men currently killing themselves over her, the third one she threw away has given up on love and is pining for her in silence. This show's hard on for Sami is ridiculous.
You got it in a nutshell. Autumn was toast because Lucas still loved Sami. That had always been evident before, during and after Chloe. Lucas broke up with Sami after she slept with EJ because he's a one man woman who demands the woman he loves be a one woman man with him being that man. It's all or nothing for Lucas. He won't share. And his trust in Sami, that he was the only man she loved, had been compromised.

His breaking up with Sami this last time was also because he couldn't trust her. But only Sami could have come between Lucas and Autumn. Because he did still love her and probably still does, but knows that he has to move on because he deserves better. He deserves the whole heart of the woman he loves. And of all three "suitors", Lucas is the one with his integrity in tact. That being said, I hate that he is pining for her and has thrown in the towel on having a significant relationship. I need that to be changed stat. But I know it can only happen, most likely, with new head writers.
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