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I would so love for this to happen only if that means my Rali is being reunited once more for it was unfair the way their story ended on Port Charles and I would love to see Erin Hershey Presley back as Alison Barrington and would love to see Brian Gaskill back as Rafe Kovich and see these two reunited once more and see their lovestory told once more for their lovestory was one of the best lovestories in Daytime television and one of my most favorite romances of all time.

I assume Rafe is still Lucy's cousin and is still a vampire slayer and maybe just maybe hes still an angel with his angel powers in tact once more so if they wanted to revive Rali and tell their lovestory again I wouldn't be opposed to it for I loved the Rali lovestory for it was my most favorite lovestory on Port Charles and I would love to see Rafe and Alison be together and get married again for it was so unfair that they ended them the way they did and a Rali baby would have great as well but they never did get to that part on Port Charles but maybe they will on GH.
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