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So true. I guess that's why I hang on so tightly to Lucas and any other character, like Jack (sadly who's gone...again!), who I can recognize and relate to because I know them. I know how they think and what they, for the most part, would and wouldn't do. These characters were developed over the course of years through multiple stories and interactions with other characters. Of course, with the inevitable change of writers during some of those years, you had a few OOC moments, but nothing so drastic as the consistent character destruction/annilation of favorite characters (like Sami) that has happened in the last 6 or 7 years.

As for the newer ones, I have no invested interest in them because they are so shallow and changeable as to fit whatever plot point story the writer has concocted and thinks is to brilliant that it's worth sacrificing character development of newer characters and/or defining traits of older vet characters.

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