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Jan 12 2013, 09:38 PM
Jan 12 2013, 09:31 PM
Jan 12 2013, 08:34 PM
That being said, I hate that he is pining for her and has thrown in the towel on having a significant relationship. I need that to be changed stat. But I know it can only happen, most likely, with new head writers.
With new writers that could possibly change and who knows how the whole dynamic could change if that were the case. They could give him a new romance or put him back in Sami's orbit at least sharing relevant scenes as opposed to now.
i'm not saying that i want lumi romantically because i know its not happening but i find it ridclous that they aren't even allowed to share scenes if i was a new viewer i wouldn't know that allie was even samis daughter let alone that lucas/sami had two kids.i think in all the time allie been born they've had like one family scene and that was under mardar
Under new writers Lumi certainly could be resurrected or Lucas could be given other stories ie business/romance while also being apart of stories she should be apart of in someway such as the Wabi story. A part of me wonders though if the move away from Lumi is more the NBC suits/Corday because if so then a writer who isn't biased against Lucas would hopefully at least write him stories and allow participation in those he should be in and interaction with characters he should come in contact with like Sami even if not romantic. They have a 20 year history, share children as well as siblings. They are supposed to be around one another on occasion.

Even now, if TomSell weren't biased against Lucas he'd have had a love interest, a workplace and we'd see where he puts his head at night. Dan and Brady, the other men in Lucas's age group, have had multiple love interests over the last 4 years, we see where they live and work. It's time to share the wealth.
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