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Jan 12 2013, 08:21 PM
On the Dr. Daniel beat, you all clearly have not seen the massive cock that Daniel has in his pants. That thing is HUGE. Think Horse. Not fun to oral, but DAMN....He'll crack your hole so wide you'll be screaming in awe. Compare that to the other men on the show where only EJ would come close to causing pure bliss...and not because of his cock size, but rather his incredible hotness in beauty, the accent and other things he can do to melt you like butter. Someone said Lucas...well I'm sorry to say but he is the one who is NOT FINE at all in my book. Thumbs up to sack Will and Sonny...both are hot. And somewhere in one of the threads on this board it was posted that Bo was a freak in bed. He will make you holla.

Personally I could care less how well hung Dr. Dan is, or how good looking EJ is. Both are slimeballs and let's not forget they have treated the women they claim to love like garbage. Sami, Nicole, and Chloe's past husbands and bf's treated them 10X better than those two losers, and were just as good looking and great lovers. Of course they had flaws, what person dosen't. Lucas is attractive, has a cool personality and sex appeal. To each their own. Yes Sonny and Will are lookers with good hearts. Bo was a sweetie too.
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