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Jan 13 2013, 12:33 AM
Jan 12 2013, 10:55 PM
A part of me wonders though if the move away from Lumi is more the NBC suits/Corday because if so then a writer who isn't biased against Lucas would hopefully at least write him stories and allow participation in and with characters he should come in contact with like Sami even if not romantic. They have a 20 year history, share children as well as siblings. They are supposed to be around one another one occasion.

Even now, if TomSell weren't biased against Lucas he'd have had a love interest, a workplace and we'd see where he puts his head at night. Dan and Brady, the other men in Lucas's age group, have had multiple love interests over the last 4 years, we see where they live and work. It's time to share the wealth.
I really think it's more Tomlin than the suits. It's his refusal to allow any and all Lumi scenes that's glaring enough. And his love for all things Rafe in place of Lucas which he demonstrated in the past before MarDar proved that as well. Now is Corday unwilling to make another change in the writing team? That's the question really cause if he is willing, then maybe we might actually see another shift with character interaction that makes sense. They just got another renewal so who knows. Maybe that means they think the team they have in place is working for them despite the beyond dismal ratings. Or maybe they think it's time for another change. I guess we'll see.
I can't understand how Tomlin has so much power though. When he was EP, he seemed to be running things in the writers room. Now that he's the writer, why aren't any EP's having some influence in the writing like he did? Do they care or what? I just don't get how this man whether he is EP or HW gets his own way like this. Of course, if he was EP, I suspect DB would have been gone with the last wave of firings. I'm grateful for whoever didn't let that happen but still...

Oh, and I know some say that it wasn't so much Higley as Tomlin using Whitsell to push his agenda (Safe, replacing Lucas with Rafe, etc.) in the writing room. I just can't wait for this hack of all hacks to be gone. He's murdering a show I've loved for years.
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