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Jan 13 2013, 11:35 AM
Jan 13 2013, 02:41 AM
I think some of the power struggle has to do with the reboot. Both Corday and Meng pushed hard for that and they went out on a limb to get the changes made to get there (new sets, new writers, new returns, new marketing, etc.). The network went along with them at first, but really didn't give it the time or the backing to work. When it was perceived to be not working, Corday and Meng were discredited, and they were forced to take a back seat as the network brought back Tomlin and started letting him call the shots. Tomlin has had the network's backing, so Corday and Meng have had to stand aside while TomSell get relatively free reign.

It's been said many times that Tomlin is perceived to save the network money and keep things under budget. They seem to value that above all other things, including quality, integrity, and even ratings.

Then again, the power pendulum could eventually swing back the other way if ratings stay in the basement. Corday and Meng could get their mojo and their power back (relatively speaking) and then they might be able to give TomSell the boot.

ETA: This is only my take on things, of course.
You may be right that the network gave Corday and Days the freedom to reboot in 2011 with promises and hopes for better ratings....they had vet faves return and the show pretty much didn't see a substantial long term growth in viewers. What occurred was actually the opposite, after some initial spikes the show started losing viewers. The network stepped in, probably took a look at the last time the show was doing well in terms of ratings, pin pointed 2009 and said, AHA...we had Tomlin as co-ep and Whitesell in the Co-hw capacity then....let's have them back as headwriters this time and leave the eps in place.....that is what they did and the network likely told them that at least for a year, they had the freedom to do whatever they wanted to the show in terms of storylines......Tomlin tried to a pitch a dream theory which was shot down, he then did the next best thing.....he went right back to where he would have gone if he and Whitesell hadn't been canned in 2011. With the exception of Bristen, everything else seems to be what he wanted to do in 2011....Wabi ended up sleeping together and she got pregnant after he had admitted being gay and was already in a committed relationship with Sonny...I only think that TOmlin would have had Wabi sleep together back then before Will officially came out and then after he came out it would have been created drama as he was trying to start a relationship with Sonny...maybe Gabi and T would have been the couple in lieu of Nick....it seems that T was being groomed to be the homophobic asshole but now he's not even around. With Dannifer he went right back to where he was before and since we now suspect that he would have had Parker's reveal anyway, it does play into the spec that he wouldn't have gotten rid of Chloe, but her hooker past would have come into play into a custody battle somehow....that may still happen now. Safe/Ejami, he had to go back to showing Sami wanting Rafe in any capacity over Ej...that appears to still be the case.....

I'm hoping that now that Days is out of hte woods until 2014 with the renewal that if things don't significantly improve in terms of ratings by April, they will have the power to tell TomSell to go kick rocks....
me too i'm so disappointed with this show these days similar to how i felt about GH before they got a new regime i pretty much hate all the stories and characters i enjoyed sami jennifer i absoutely hate these days
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