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I hope too that they let Sharon be independent of a man for a while, let her get strong and not hanging on to some man all the time, I'm in favor of romance but it is not the end all of life, you can have a successful life with family and friends and not have to have a romantic partner (but it is also good with a romantic love and marriage is what you make it it can be good or bad just saying I feel you can be happy with or without a partner depends on you) although two of my friends from high school feel that way, one's husband had barely gotten buried before she was married again, I met her new husband shortly after they were married and she acted the same way with both husbands, she looked at them each time before she spoke like she was asking permission to speak, and I thought you had a mouth and used it a long time before you met either man, speak up, and the 2nd one was living with a new man before the ink was dry on her divorce papers (although I will say her mom pushed into that marriage) and then she left him and moved in with the next guy, like she couldn't be alone for 5 seconds, her ex husband is also dead now. Getting back to the soap, please writers let Sharon show she is an adult and can make her own decisions (and deal with the consequences of those decisions) on her own for a while. AND GET THAT DAMM HAIR CUT!
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