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Wow, Thom Racina is an AWESOME choice! I don't know much about the other person, but hopefully she knows the show and Agnes will be helping them keep on track. I have wanted DAYS to either bring in Racina or Sheri Anderson...those were my two choices. I'm just happy to see him working again because he's awesome. I, too reallllly became a big fan under Carlivati and Valentini's reign. They are what I loved about OLTL, but I have heard that its possible that Carlivati will be consulting while still working for GH and ABC. Or at least that he is going to help kickstart the show and then let the others take over from there. PP and Carlivati already worked out the potential beginnings of the show before so they will probably still kick off with some of his ideas. Take that for what its worth. I'm not stating it as fact, but I believe it to be true.

I'm really excited about these shows now. I think Prospect Park is doing it right so far.
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