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Jan 13 2013, 02:19 PM
Gun Salesman (U/5)
Tape Date: 1/14/13
Air Date: March or April
Role: Causcasian character male, 35 to 40's. Your typical store gun salesman, who knows his way around firearms.

I think it's pretty safe to say that Nick wouldn't try to buy a gun since felons can't (legally) do so. Rafe owns his own gun. Hope owns a gun. The DiMeras and Kiriakases wouldn't go out of their way to buy legally. Jennifer perhaps? Maybe she feels threatened by Chloe?
I'm thinking of a scene on Breaking Bad where Walt illegally buys an unregistered gun from a gun salesman (played by Jim Beaver), and the guy advises Walt to buy a weapon legally because he's expensive and it's a risk. Maybe it is Nick who buys a gun. Or it could be Gabi. Or it could be Will (whose last escapade with a gun was more trouble than it was worth). I can't see Sonny buying a gun. If it's Daniel, I'll yawn and not care.
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