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Jan 11 2013, 03:23 PM
Jan 11 2013, 11:20 AM
One thing they will concede is that I'm the only one there who has been there for every single scene of the same character for over 20 years, so I do have a certain place to stand on to have that conversation.

WHAT? I don't even know what she means by this. Do we not count "Stan"? Is she saying that Deidre and Drake's year and a half off means they haven't played consistent characters? Huh?

The reason she has input and no one else does has nothing to do with whatever bogus self-important reason she's making up here.

As always, I can't stand her interviews. I can't even imagine what it's like to work with her, given that it's so excruciating to read about a short conversation with her.
I didn't read that as relating to other actors at all, but to the writers. As in "of all the people creating this character I'm the only one who's been working with her for 20 years," so she has some credibility when it comes to discussing how Sami is supposed to be.

I don't see it as that unreasonable of a comment. Excluding Corday, I don't think there are any producers or writers that have been around as long as Sweeney has. I think if she hadn't said something indicating that she cares about the character's integrity she'd be slammed.

I dunno. The comment kind of works for me. Now whether I agree with her take on Sami is a different issue...
I took it as her saying that she's the only one who has portrayed Sami since she started the character, :hail: so she has more credibility with the writers than actors who play characters who have had multiple actors. Since she's the only one who can say something like that, it makes sense that the writers would bow to her superior knowledge. It's not like she's some hack like Kristian, Dierdre, Suzanne, John... ohhhh... waiiitttt...

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