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I agree. When the show was good there was love, romance, corp. intrigue. Not many murders and no silly stories that were supposed to make you laugh. They showed the elegant and their high fashion of living, Dressed to the hilt everyday like Katherine still dresses. No one had messy looking hair or dressed sloppy. If you wanted to romance your present partner or lover then you were wined and dined in a private room. You danced with your lover and showed the love between you. You never went to a place like Gloworm where there are a lot of customers in a bright lit room. It just wasn't done that way. There is nothing romantic about that.
The corp. wars were good. The companies that were lost were lost by stupidity like Jack having Jabot go public and not some wacko like Sharon being able to bring a company to it's knees.

Yes the show has changed over the years and not for the good. The stories were interesting and you never wanted to miss the show. Today many have even stopped watching the show because now the show is filled with silliness like Chloe stealing the money from Noah. No way would the old writers have written silly crap like that. No way. The show will never be the same because writers of today think they have to bring in a new character every week and no one gets invested in them or gives a crap what they do on the show. So all in all this is one reason that soaps will soon be history. The writers ruined the show and the viewers gave up waiting for a good story they know they will never get.
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