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I figure they'll likely end it earlier if the season bombs lol.

I also think CBS is very big this year on their summer lineup so they probably want to jumpstart it with Big Brother.

I just think BB needs an overhaul. It needs to be revamped, modern, a great house, a great cast. New competitions, just ... new. I LOVE the show and while I figure it's always going to end up being the same old same old with Grodner, I just see what it could be.

I LOVED Big Brother 10. Big Brother 11 and 12 were ... ugh. I'm glad you liked them though Mike, but I sure didn't, overall. Any particular reasons why you enjoyed them? I'm honestly just curious.

And in terms of Janelle last year ... I feel they wasted all of those All Stars, IMHO by doing what they did. That season or this season should have been full on All Stars. Britney and Dan likely would be hard to get to come back (Well, at the end of the day, probably not). Janelle also. I just think they were better suited for a full on All Stars. I did like last season more than BB11 & BB12 though. Even though I loved Jeff and Jordan and grew to really enjoy the drama Rachel brought (as life-draining as she and Brendon could be) as well as Britney. I hated the Jessie infusion every year but I do LOL at how everyone who get stuck with him hates it and dreads it. I do find it a fitting punishment. I liked BB13 for the most part, but again, I feel like Dick and Daniele were wasted when they should have been back for full on All Stars.

Actually, BB11 wasn't horrible. We did get the great Jessie eviction. Jordan and Jeff. Ronnie's meltdown.

BB12 had the god-awful Enzo, Lane, Hayden and Matt. Ugh. However, total credit goes to them for playing everyone though, I just hated watching it play out. BB12 was very poorly cast. Kristen and Monet were total duds. Annie was screwed from the word go and just not that clever. Kathy added nothing. Ragan and Britney had the most potential but let themselves be totally played. The best and worst moment of the season was definitely Brit finding everything out. I did enjoy Ragan and Britney vs. Rachel, that was fun. However Ragan and Rachel became friends of course lol.
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