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Jan 14 2013, 11:04 AM
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Spencer Hastings
Jan 13 2013, 12:12 AM

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Daniel doesn't know. At this time, the only people who know are: Kate, Quinn, Kinsey, Brady, Nicole, Chloe's various clients, and Chloe herself. Based on the spoilers that we've seen, Jennifer will soon be joining this list of people.

Everyone else (most specifically, the cops -- Bo, Hope, Rafe, Roman, and Abe) assumed that the assailant had mistakenly classified Chloe as a prostitute because she was an attractive young woman who had been dressed provocatively that night. (Speaking of the assailant, I guess that we could also add Gus to the above list, since it's safe to assume that he only attacked Chloe because he knew that she was a prostitute, but his knowledge of her secret was never specifically mentioned, as far as I can recall.)

Kate wanted to expose the truth, but Quinn threatened to reveal that Kate was the person who had devised the plan to force Chloe into prostitution. At that time, Kate was trying to relaunch Countess Wilhelmina, and being implicated in the prostitution scheme would have jeopardized her attempt to do so, so she was forced to remain silent. Now, with Quinn gone and Countess Wilhelmina no longer under her control, Kate doesn't really have a reason to keep Chloe's secret.
I'm wondering if Lucas will have a change of heart using Chloe to break up Dannifer once he finds out Kate blackmailed her into being a hooker, or not give a damn since Chloe treated him like dirt for Dr. Dan.

I believe one the last times Lucas was around Chloe he called her a "Cheating Whore"? Well, he was half right, LOL And to answer your question, I would say he wouldnt help Chloe do anything after what she did to him. Or at least, Id hoped he wouldn't.
If I remember correctly, Lucas's last scene with Chloe was when he was blasting her for telling Nicole about Sydney, and not visiting him in rehab. Which I thought was stupid since he hated her guts. He did tell Sami Chloe was a " lying two faced bitch" and he could care less she was in a coma. That was before he knew Kate poisoned her, then he felt a little regret, not much. I don't think he will help Chloe break up Dannifer, but will be smiling in the background if it happens, proving his point to Jennifer Dan never got Chloe out his system and is a jackass!
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