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I really, really do not like Maxie these days. Admittedly I was extremely partial to Jen Lilley in the role but after KS came back I got used to her again so I am placing the blame largely on the story rather than the actress. This whole grief-sex-with-a-drunk-guy-immediately-after-miscarriage thing is grossing me out in the extreme. Her behavior is inexplicable. Miscarriages happen often and they happen even more often when a surrogate is involved. She should have come clean. She didn't do anything wrong and women's bodies are durable and strong and have been for a long time so I am not buying the stupid falling and miscarrying because of the dog explanation. She should not have went to bed (or couch) with a drunk guy who was in that state because he was feeling sorry for himself over another woman. I just hate this and am not looking forward to weeks and months of it. I guess I should just tell myself that I'll never like every aspect of any show and be grateful that GH is largely in a good place right now.

Can't wait to see Ned again! Love the Ned & Tracy vs Michael & A.J. storyline. And Emma is a pretty good judge of character so let's hope they quit with the suddenly stupid routine where Patrick is concerned and have him get rid of terrible, awful, no good, very bad Britt ASAP. Sabrina isn't particularly lovable but Britt is dreadful. Two-dimensional evil villain dreadful.
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