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Between Pohler, Fey, Ferrel and Wiig it really showed that SNL can find some serious talent. I know there's lots of examples, but for the night it was kind of like everyone funny came from that show.

I think there needs to be a variety show hosted weekly by Pohler and Fey. I didn't get enough of them.

I love how Jodie Foster's speech is being reduced to her coming out when I thought it was more...her telling everyone to fuck off, 'cause she's not a reality tv star she's an actress who's given us more than enough. I think I understand why she'd be friends with Mel Gibson now.

I'm glad "Girls" won but it's not a comedy at all, imho. Other than that I can't really remember who won. I had so little invested because I haven't seen most of the movies, and I tend to believe it's unfair for cable and network tv shows to be judged as though they're the same thing. Thought it was odd they presented TV Drama before the TV Drama- Actress category, though.
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