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Miss Rhi
Jan 14 2013, 05:39 PM
I really like Lisa LoCicero but Olivia's visions just need to be stopped somehow. It was creepy how Kristina kept asking Olivia what she was seeing and acting like the visions were normal. I just can't warm up to the girl who plays Kristina.

Not sure what to think about Lucy screaming about Caleb when she saw John. It seemed kinda stupid.

Other then the above complaints I enjoyed the rest of the show for the most part, especially Tracy serving Lucy duck... :laugh:
I like Lisa LoCicero too. She's been doing some good work. Even though her and Steve are snoozeville I really liked her reaction to the proposal. I think Ron or Frank might have said Olivia's visions stop soon, probably after Steve's gone. I can't really remember exactly though.

I can't warm up to Lindsey Morgan either. I feel at times she showed a little potential but then for the most part she's not very good and the writing isn't there for the character. At all. Not to mention Alexis is coming across as just unlikable.

I love Lucy and Lynne Herring. So glad she's back. Tracy, Lucy and Monica all living in the Q house is a great idea.

AJ and Carly were fun. They work together well, actually and as much as Sarah Brown was Carly to me, I think Laura Wright turned out to be a good choice. At least in this regard. The AJ/Michael drama has really brought back the Carly I remember, sort of, even with a different actress in the role. It's working and I'm glad. Sean Kanan, Finola Hughes and Lynne Herring have really given this show a strong shot in the arm.

Also, I'm no Sonny fan but I'm ready for him to dump Kate/Kawny and just move on. He's quick to drop any woman who dares cross him yet he's panting after Kate like she's the bestest ever when he turned his back on Brenda and Carly how many times? I could maybe buy it if it were Megan Ward in the role. This storyline would probably be so much more tolerable. Honestly. There was just no on-screen history with Sullivan's Kate so why should the audience actually care?
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