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I did not mind the interview, and did not find any of the comments made by Alison either controversial or dreadful or that she feels more important than anyone else on the show. I think that she always tries hard to keep her fans and her employer's happy and if she was a difficult person at all the producers would have got rid of her years ago. I congratulate Alison for chalking up 20 years on the show. I know that she is always very gracious with her tweeting and thanking fans for any gifts or good wishes that are sent to her and she generally posts a photo when fans send in things to her or to whoever she is locked in with at the trime either, "SAFE" or "LUMI" or "EJAMI" related. I admit I do like both the actress and the character so I am not looking to the worst side of the interview or if she may have not got every fact 100% correct but I am sure that not getting every fact correct could be said af any of the actors that give interviews.

I have been a die hard Jack and Jennifer fan since they did their first scenes together and although it pains me to say this I think Alison does a far better interview, hands down, than any I have read that Melissa Reeves has done ( as well as how utterly ridiculous Crystal Chappel one sounded as she was promoting her book!!!) But that is how it goes. Many will think the interview with Ali is crap, while others thought it was okay

I also do not think that it is Alison saying she has won multiple Emmy's etc but rather the interviewer making those claims.
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