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Malcolm and to an extent Dawn are probably the biggest "favorites" as both were pretty well liked. Cochran and Hantz are polarizing. Phillip a favorite? LOL. I doubt it. I remember Andrea being pretty well liked though and Brenda was popular too until she just gave up and let herself get voted out.

To me, they just wanted some buzzworthy "favorites" who I predict will all fizzle out.

Corrine was NOT a favorite. I don't remember very many people liking her.

Actually, I remember Francesca being liked. Wasn't she on Redemption island for a while or something? I remember her being liked for some reason but as a full on favorite? Again. No.

So, if not for some of these, who would you all have cast as the favorites? Personally, I'm just thrilled we have nobody on their third or fourth go-around playing this season. This is everyone's second time back.

I guess Erik was popular at the time but I personally didn't care much for him. Nice enough but to me this season should really be called Fans vs. Producers Choice on who should get a second chance.

I still want a season of all popular early boots.
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