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BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL: What in the world is TPTB thinking, how many times does Brooke go after men that have been involved with a family member or is someone's else husband or lover? This is getting old and it is time to have Ms Forrester act her age. It was said she would grown up and take over the reins that was left by Susan Flannery, but folks I don't see that happening any time soon. Brooke still is the same old husband stealer she was all those years ago and still is..... BRAD!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME???? OK fine you lost Susan Flannery sadly and Ronn Moss (no loss there) but really Brad, what the hell are you thinking? Time to make those changes you promised your viewers for the past year. Do we really need to see another triangle between Brooke/Bill/Katie? Having Bill be torn between two sisters, really? Been there done that!...The one bright spot in this horrible story is Heather Tom, but having her turn a blind eye is too much. There is a difference between supporting your ego manic husband who runs over people like they are in his way. Bill had a look of hopeless terror on his face when he was faced with the women of his so called intervention. What I found disturbing about this entire story is that Bill is blaming Katie for everything that happened and she is allowing him to do it!!.....Marcus is in for a big shocker when his brother comes to town and goes after a family member infiltrating Forrester's using Marcus to do it...... ....Look for Eric who just lost the love of his life to finally start fresh and began a new chapter in his life.

YOUNG & RESTLESS: What a production for an actor coming to CBS!! I have never ever seen any talk show go so far out to welcome an actor to a show and a soap opera at that!! I guess it's who you know these days. I honestly say I do not begrudge anyone wanting to change their lives for whatever reason, but what I don't appreciate is being told one thing and then finding out that was not the truth. Don't tell people you want to take a break and spend time with your family and then 3 months later back peddle and admit something else entirely. If you are not happy in your life, job or whatever the "real" reason is admit it and move on, you don't have to make up stories. As one reader put it and I have tend to agree " Very rarely in the soap world, lightening rarely strikes twice when a popular actor on one show goes to another show" Guess only time will tell......Billy and Victor make a deal which results in Sharon being transferred to Jabot. And Adam ends up at Jabot too resulting in him and Sharon working closely together. With Victor loosing Newman's this may be his way of getting even, which he is even willing to make a deal with Billy. My wish is for Billy and Adam to get over themselves and work together. If they played it right this could be the way to finally get the old man out of the business. Victor Victor Victor your time is coming and someone is going to get just what they deserve....Viewers are not warming up to Adriana and many are saying it is time for a recast or let the character go........Chelsea tells Chloe what to do with the stolen money, this will lead up to what Chelsea really is and what she was really like. It's hard to phathom that Chelsea changed her ways this quickly. Chloe is going to launder the stolen money thanks to Chelsea's advice. Silly girl!!

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