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GENERAL HOSPITAL: With PP getting back on track many are wondering what will happen to the OLTLers all ready in Port Charles. When Roger Howarth came on board he signed for 1 year, Kristen Alderson 3 years. But what about Easton? No one knows what deals were actually made and how ABC is going about keeping these characters on the show but I am betting some deal is being made by the Disney Media Group, the grand Pooba of them all to keep these characters......As for stories all ready in progress the ELO story is still moving forward. There are no OLTLers in that particular storyline, so its good to go. Tracy has still not comprende what that jar of Pickle Lila is for but when ELQ faces financial troubles that Tracy is not letting on it will eventually come to light. Keep in mind the ELQ proxies are revocable and ether sides can switch. Ned comes back and offers to help Tracy and this is where I am hearing the Pickle Lila story picks up....Jon Lindstrom returns and Lucy is in for the surprise of her life. Lucy has not mentioned Kevin since she returned or what transpired between these two remains a mystery. As usual Lucy finds her self in a heap of trouble (nothing new there, but that's our Lucy) and Kevin steps up to the plate and comes to her rescue. Rumor has it that Kevin has been working at Ferncliff, and ironically that is where Heather is being held which sources say will continue Ms Webber's arc......A casting call has gone out for a character named Julie if that is in fact the real name as sometimes names are changed to protect the character that may being dismissing, to put in nicely....If you haven't read Frank Valentini's great interview with TV Guide here is the link, Check it out http://www.tvguide.com/News/General-Hos ... 58707.aspx ......Could John Stamos who plays Blackie Parrish be returning for GH's 50th anniversary?
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