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Jan 15 2013, 10:17 AM
And it sounds like the only reason why he wants his child now is because he thinks he's lost Sonny and doesn't have anything else left. A fine reason to want your child. They have Will behaving like Nicole did when she lost her son, more concerned about losing Daniel than her baby dying.. Honestly Tomlin, it is that hard to write characters who love their children more than who they want in their beds?
I completely and totally disagree. There's no reason to believe Will isn't motivated by caring. He's had dreams of the loss of his child. He's been thrown into a depression, which Sonny has noticed. He's been clearly shown in emotional turmoil. If it was all about Sonny, he could have kept his mouth shut and rode into the sunset with Sonny. Cite me one scene where Will has been callous or un-caring about the future of his child.

Lucas has a strong point of view based on experience. So does Will. Neither of them are wrong, but Will is not a weak or cowardly person for being willing to give up a child he loves for its own benefit. He's not even said he wants to raise the child himself. He's only said that the lie can no longer stand, and he's right.

I do wonder if people would be so dismissive of Will's feelings for Sonny if he were a girl. Lucas was scornful when he spoke the name Sonny, when Sonny could have been recruited as an ally to help Will through a difficult time. Or at least they could have tried. Also, Lucas could have shown some compassion for the clearly devastated Will. Loving is more than possessing, and it looks like neither of Will's parents have ever understood that.

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