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I finally got to go back and watch everything I missed at the beginning, and yes, Sami did lead off her rant against Gabi with "you were going to keep this baby away from Will and his family." And then she goes on and on about being used for this dream wedding. Maybe because that was a less tender nerve than the baby? If so, then awesome. I love Sami avoiding the real reason she's angry because it's a crime she's guilty of too, and laying into Gabi over using her for the wedding.

Sonny, being the smartest guy in the room, absolutely knew as soon as Chad stood up and he saw the look on Will's face. He totally knew. Loved that too. Love that they are totally giving Sonny and Will the types of true love intuition they reserve for fledgeling supercouples. You might make me want to put my shoe through the television sometimes, Show, but thank you for writing for this couple the way you do. When was the last time we saw a real "love against all odds" romance? I declare, at this moment, that I am officially a Wilson shipper. Sonny, being so level-headed, so steady, and Will being such a fuck-up, so flaky, but trying so hard... yes, more. More!

And Nick. There's nothing I love more than subtlety in a soap, and he was given so many little, insignificant lines that seemed like nothing special, but made my skin crawl because they were classic abuser, through and through. Telling Abigail to give Gabi some space, trying to keep anyone from following Gabi to comfort her, especially Rafe (and saying that he was afraid that Rafe was going to judge her and yell at her.) The first thing an abuser does is isolate his partner from her friends and family, and then convince her that he's the only one who cares about her. I predict that Nick will become violent. I'm going to have to face it that geeky, sweet, sincere Nick is gone. This Nick is really a new character altogether, but it's cool that he is a Horton and has those family connections, especially the Horton royalty who are defending him. This is also a story that I am now very interested in.

So, all that praise aside, it is just amazing, AMAZING I tell you! that with one line, and with one half of my most loathed pairing not even present, show you still managed to piss me off. "Mrs Horton?" Chad has been dating her daughter off and on for a long time. He knows her name. So either she dropped her married name, in which case fuck you, or the writers are trying to erase her deceased husband from history and my memory, in which case also fuck you. Incredible. Actually impressive that even in the middle of this awesome, classic, old school wedding reveal, one of the most truly soapy episodes I've seen you muster in a long time, you still find a tiny little way to promote that pairing. Well, fine. I did enjoy the rest of the episode, and I am hooked again, I admit it, so you can have your dream team. I won't begrudge you, show. But nothing you can do will make me care about them. Deal?
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